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    Contact Us and Let Us Help You: Cincinnati Flight School

    At Cincinnati flight training you can find all of your fight school training needs. If you would like complete flight instruction or if you are interesting in trying our services with  a discovery flight, we are your hub to do so.

    If you are interested please call: 513-460-3823

    If you can’t reach us by phone send an email to 


    If you have ever dreamed of learning to fly now is the time to get started. For the cost of a round of golf you can fly around in a private plane and get to experience something few people get to.

    Cincinnati flight training has proudly been serving the Hamilton, and Butler county Ohio regions as a Hogan affiliate since 2009.  We strive to create a gathering location for pilots and pilots to be.

    Located at Butler County Regional Airport, our airport is a hub for flight training, air craft rental and demo flights. The flight instructors have extensive backgrounds in aviation aircraft maintenance and provide, high quality aviation education services.

    As an affiliate of Hogan flying school we setup operations at HAO in 2009. The aviation school was founded by Tom Hogan  as a continuation of a Hogan family aviation tradition that began all the way back in 1929.



    Call to speak to an instructor: 513-460-3823
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